Welcome to J.C. Sound & Light

J.C. Sound & Light, since 1995 the trusted address for rental in sound and light treatment.


We let both equipment and technicians. Our regular customers include rental companies, theatre groups, event agencies and schools.


We also offer our services to business presentations, festivals, etc.
Besides amplifying and lighting, we will also gladly arrange the catering and decorating of your event.


Of course every presentation or performance occurs to be the most important element. Our experience shows that with proper lighting and perfect sound, speech or acting will become an unique experience. Light and sound may not detract from the action, they should enhance each other. J.C. Sound & Light provides support and creates a perfect balance.

Everything in the correct proportion

Anyone can create sound. With enough financial resources you can turn up the volume to an unprecedented number of decibels.
Beautiful, appropriate sound however, is a complete different story. In addition to good equipment, skill is involved.
J.C. Sound & Light have both the equipment and the expertise to meet the requirements needs of each event needs. Large halls, intimate clubs, rooms with poor acoustics, outdoor festivals ....

Just name it and we make it happen.